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The metal door production line has always been one of the most important items in HARSLE’s business. We will customise all the machines for the whole production line according to the customer’s needs, from the most important hydraulic press for pressing metal door panels to the smallest intelligent door locks for the finished security doors. We can help our customers to choose the most suitable ones. For customers who have purchased a metal door production line, we also arrange for our engineers to visit the factory to guide production and help customers to start making money as soon as possible.

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door production line

Door Production Line

HARSLE is first professional steel door production line machine manufacturer in China, we have made more than 50 successful cases in the world for customers. We are not only the machine manufacturer, but also the technical service provider, we offer coordinated services to help customers run the business in a better way.

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Established Nanjing HARSLE Machine Tool Co.,Ltd., engaged in the production, sales and maintenance of sheet metal machinery such as bending machines, shearing machines, punching machines, and hydraulic presses.



Provide customers with a complete set of machines for metal door processing, metal sink processing and other production lines, and have signed cooperation agreements with overseas agents to provide our customers with better services.



The annual sales of both domestic and foreign trade have exceeded 10 million dollars. More and more customers trust us and to work with us, and we have also provided them with the most suitable products. With strong export volume and excellent customer feedback, it was selected as a certified supplier by Made-in-China.com.


Our company's main products: press brake, shearing machine and hydraulic press have obtained the utility model patent certificate certified by the State Intellectual Property Office. In the following years, the CNC press brake produced by our independent company obtained the appearance design patent certificate certified by the State Intellectual Property Office.


The press brake and hydraulic presses produced by HARSLE have obtained CE certification. We Participated in the 6th India BLECH Exhibition in the same year and attracted many overseas customers to place orders on the spot with high-quality machines and professional explanations.


The punching machine and shearing machine produced by our company have successively obtained CE certification. In the same year, the company participated in the Dubai exhibition and passed the ISO9001:2015 quality system certification.

Why Choose HARSLE

Choosing HARSLE means choosing good machine, good quality and good service.

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HARSLE má jak zkušené senior inženýry, tak inovativní mladé inženýry, všichni se zavázali budovat lepší stroje.

Our Services



365 dní v roce, 7x24 hodin týdně a servisní podpora firemní telefonní linky (+86-25-56200956).



E-mail service support is available 24 hours per day, 365 days per year. E-mail: support@harsle.com



The company established a technical support and response center, set up a dedicated person to carry out 7x24 hours on duty.


On Site(charge)

V případě potřeby společnost pošle na stránky zkušené technické inženýry, aby poskytovali služby uživatelům.

HARSLE CE Certificate

In line with EU CE standards, the quality of the machine is guaranteed



HARSLE sales are experienced and friendly, so feel free to contact us when you have question about the machine

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Shearing Machine Video

Video show is always the best to help customers to choose the right metal sheet shearing, So HARSLE endeavors to create the most attractive and useful videos for you to learn more about our hydraulic shear details in a better way.

HARSLE Y27-3000T/1500T Dvoučinný hydraulický lis na ražbu ocelových dveří

HARSLE Y32-2500T Steel Door Embossing Machine

HARSLE 4500T Double-Action Hydraulic Steel Metal Door Embossing Machine, 3000T/1500T hydraulic press

Y32-2000T Single Action Steel Door Embossing Machine

HARSLE 2500T Steel Door Embossing Machine, Metal door pressing machine with PLC and Touch screen

HARSLE Double Action Hydraulic Steel Metal Door Embossing Machine

asked questions

1. HARSLE: It's decided by your production capacity every day and the proficiency of workers. Usually, it needs around 20 people.

1. HARSLE: There are five main types of security doors: steel doors, steel and wood doors, stainless steel doors, aluminum doors, and copper doors, which have their own advantages in terms of material and performance, and naturally vary in price. Below is our article about how to choose a security door. Thank you.https://door.harsle.com/how-to-choose-a-security-door/

HARSLE: Steel doors are stronger than wooden doors and are not easily damaged by violence. Steel doors are not easily deformed for long-term use and are more suitable for use as entrance doors. Steel door itself gravity is relatively heavy, need to be installed by professionals, installation quality is relatively high. And ordinary wooden door installation requirements are low, installation quality is uneven.

1. HARSLE: According to your production capacity and budget, we will suggest suitable production lines. Usually, It needs around 30-40 sets of machines. For different door patterns, it also has different machines for choices.

1. HARSLE: According to your steel door production capacity and budget, we will suggest suitable machines for you. Usually, it needs at least USD 400,000. We also have a door production line catalog and door skin catalog, If you have interest, please tell us. Thank you.

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Voice From Customers

Here's what customers around the world say about our door embossing machine.

We have an excellent after-sales technical team, which can be served according to customers requirements.

Exhibition Style

Since the company was founded, HARSLE has participated in various national and international exhibitions every year

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